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Local input sought on road safety

Narrogin residents had their say on the future of road safety at an open forum held by the Road Safety Council last Tuesday.

It was part of a Statewide community consultation initiative to help inform and develop a new strategy and safe road system to present to the State Government.

Insurance Commission WA deputy chief executive Rick Howe said the strategy would replace the current Towards Zero scheme, which expires next year.

“We managed to achieve a 60 per cent reduction of road accidents between 2007 and 2017 but we want to see if we can do better,” he said.

The forum focused on key issues surrounding the safety of roads such as speed, modes of transport and people.

One of the attendees highlighted that complacency and fatigue were problems for regional drivers and proposed a fatigue management module.

Others proposed more clearance for roadside vegetation, more public transport and adding an extra metre of shoulder to the roads.

The Road Safety Council proposed two broad strategy options — the first featuring an additional spending of $50 million on roads and reducing several speeding zones, and the second featuring an additional $100 million boost and the reduction of all speeding zones by 10km/h.

Mr Howe said the next step was to draw together the feedback and present it to the council, which would subsequently draft up recommendations to present to the State Government.

“We need to know what people will accept and support to balance between the road safety outcome — because no one wants more people to die on the roads — and the practical experience, as some people may not be prepared to drive at a certain slower speed to achieve that,” he said.

The Road Safety Commission was also involved in supporting the RSC, conducting about 60 forums in three months around regional and metropolitan WA, which will conclude next month.

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