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Lithium Australia gets nod for lithium battery storage device

ASX-listed Lithium Australia has just received formal accreditation for its three-phase lithium battery-based solar energy storage devices from the Clean Energy Council. The devices will be marketed by Soluna Australia, which is 50 per cent owned by Lithium Australia and 50 per cent owned by manufacturer DLG Energy (Shanghai) Co. Soluna’s three-phase 15K Pack HV will now be added to the Clean Energy Council’s Battery Assurance Program guide, which should provide a major shot in the arm for Soluna as it starts to generate cash flows for its owners.

The Battery Assurance Program guide incorporates a list of lithium battery-based solar energy storage devices that the renewable energy peak body says have met industry best practice requirements.

According to Soluna, the 15K Pack HV is a premium-quality lithium-battery solar energy storage system designed specifically for three-phase homes and small businesses. It provides not only the daily power storage requirements but also independent blackout protection.

The Clean Energy Council guide contains independent information to potential customers on the safety of home battery products that meet prescribed electrical safety and quality standards. Inclusion in this guide will no doubt help Soluna cast its retail sales net wider.

Soluna recently installed its first residential lithium battery storage units in Perth. Its full range of lithium-battery solar energy storage systems can be connected to roof-mounted solar panels and store energy for later consumption, particularly at times when the sun is not shining.

According to Lithium Australia, these units are now available nationally.

The Clean Energy Council approval of Soluna’s three-phase energy-storage system follows recent accreditation of its smaller single-phase units for residential power storage.

Time-of-use tariff structures encourage households generating solar power to install battery storage capacity and avoid peak energy pricing, which occurs when there is little or no solar generation capacity. Australia is the mecca of domestic solar power and Soluna systems allow that power to be used even when the sun isn’t shining.

The company says Clean Energy Council approval cannot be overstated, especially in the WA market where the electricity distribution grid balance has been thrown out of kilter by the huge amount of installed solar power generation capacity swamping the grid and the lack of available power storage.

It says ultra-high grid demand during peak periods in the summer months when air-conditioners are going full tilt may be markedly reduced by greater utilisation of battery storage systems.

Lithium Australia expects Soluna to be cash-flow positive in the December quarter as demand grows for its modular lithium-ion battery-based energy storage systems, which operate in combination with solar power systems and store excess energy from the sun for long periods of time.

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