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Library project gets magazines for jam

Manjimup’s Ananda Barton has turned jam into magazine subscriptions for the Manjimup Library.

With the funds raised through the sale of jam, Mr Barton was able to donate subscriptions for National Geographic, The Atlantic, Quadrant, Foreign Affairs, Sceptical Inquirer and Quarterly Essay.

“Like a lot of public libraries, Manjimup depends heavily on community support, they were limited in the amount of magazines their budget allowed them to get, so I thought this was an opportunity to put something back into an important community service,” he said.

“I believe it’s important that members of the local community have access to a variety of reading matter and so that’s my way of helping, to support that.”

Mr Barton takes the jam to the Manjimup Community Resource Centre where it is sold.

“We just have them on the counter and we don’t even have to try advertising them, they just sell,” Manjimup CRC employee Kaiden Price said.

“Without these guys doing the jam we wouldn’t have half the subscriptions we have at the library.”

The project is supported by Mr Barton’s mother, Maureen Barton from the Manjimup Country Women’s Association, who said the CWA was happy to support the project and was on the hunt for more fruit for jam.

Manjimup Library manager Vanda Dei-Tos said the shire’s libraries were fortunate to receive donations from borrowers and community groups.

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