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Leinster mum gains vital lifesaving skills

A Leinster mum has become a fully qualified aquatic trainer and can now share her potentially lifesaving skills with her community.

In January, Belinda Haldoupis took on the Royal Life Saving’s aquatic and resuscitation training course to become a qualified aquatic trainer.

Ms Haldoupis can now deliver a variety of rescue and resuscitation programs to the community including the nationally recognised Bronze Medallion lifesaving award.

She is also able to teach the Heart Beat Club course, a resuscitation education session for parents and carers of young children which focuses on CPR and first aid for common childhood injuries.

As a mother of young children, Ms Haldoupis said she was happy to learn these potentially lifesaving skills and pass on her skills to other members of the community.

“I now have the information to potentially save a life, and the peace of mind and confidence that comes from updating my personal skill sets and abilities through opportunities like this,” she said.

“Now that I have become a community trainer, I look forward to being able to deliver programs which will benefit our entire community.”

The aquatic trainer and resuscitation course was supported by principal community partner BHP which provided the funding for Royal Life Saving WA trainer Maureen Lasisz to visit Leinster in January and deliver the course to residents in the northern Goldfields community.

Ms Haldoupis said she was impressed with the level of training and knowledge Ms Lasisz provided during the course.

“As an instructor and educator, the main thing that stood out about Maureen was her incredible knowledge on the subject matter,” she said.

“Her real-life experience superseded the textbook program delivery and we were often blown away by her personal recounts of real life scenarios.

“She was very thorough and realistic to our regional environment in her program delivery, and very encouraging and supportive of our personal efforts to succeed.”

With the support of BHP, Royal Life Saving WA have bought training equipment and manikins for Ms Haldoupis to use and say they look forward to working with her to deliver water rescue and resuscitation courses to the Leinster community.

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