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Las Vegas police officer shoots through windshield during astonishing chase

One murder suspect was killed and another injured in a high-speed chase and shootout with police in downtown Las Vegas, just hours after the pair was involved in the fatal shooting of another man.

Las Vegas Police have released dramatic vision from the body camera of a policeman during the tense, nail biting final minutes of the high-speed police chase that sees 34 shots fired at officers.

The two men are filmed recklessly weaving through oncoming traffic in a stolen SUV, firing shots at officers following in hot pursuit.

Officer William Umana leads the chase and can be heard yelling “shots fired, shots fired” into his radio device, calling for backup and warning other officers in the chase to stay back.

A civilian’s car is struck by flying gunfire.

In what could be a scene from an action-movie, Officer Umana speeds up right behind the SUV, drawing his gun and firing five shots directly through his windshield at the suspects.

At one point he takes both hands off the wheel while still driving at speed, presumably to improve his aim, firing bullets another six times through his front window.

Failing to put an end to the chase, Officer Umana puts his own safety on the line by pulling directly alongside the vehicle to shoot seven more times out of his open side window.

Rene Nunez, who was driving the SUV, jumps from the moving vehicle before attempting to flee through the doors of an elementary school, but gets trapped outside with the doors being locked shut.

The school went into lockdown with kids inside attending a summer school program.

Fidel Miranda then jumps into the driver’s seat but is hit by gunfire, putting an end to the chase as the car finally comes to a stop.

Officer Umana can be seen reloading his gun as he jumps out of his car, with another officer running to the passenger side door.

Police successfully arrested both Miranda and Nunez and called ambulances to treat them for their gunshot wounds, however Miranda died at the scene. It’s unclear whether their wounds were from police officers or from a shootout earlier in the day.

Nunez remains in hospital, and will face charges for the murder of a 25-year-old man and the attempted murder of a police officer.

No officers were injured in the pursuit.

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