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Lapid criticises Israel PM’s Gaza approach

Israel’s opposition leader is levelling severe criticism at the government’s handling of the war against Palestinian militants in the Gaza Strip.

Yesh Atid party leader Yair Lapid wrote on Thursday on Facebook that Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu’s government has failed in developing a concrete policy regarding the Gaza Strip and has jeopardised Israel’s relations with the US with this latest conflict.

Lapid writes: “After 11 days of this operation, every Israeli citizen will ask themselves: What did the government really want to achieve with this military operation? What is its policy and strategic long-term aim concerning Hamas in Gaza?”

Earlier this month, Lapid was tasked with forming a government.

That happened less than a week before the outbreak of fighting between Israel and Hamas and after Netanyahu failed to build a governing coalition following the March 23 elections.

Netanyahu has pushed back against calls from the US to wind down the Gaza offensive, appearing determined to inflict maximum damage on Hamas in a war that could help save his political career.

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