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Landmark revamp proposed | The West Australian

A proposed revamp of the WACFL Landmark Championships format could help footballers be drafted into both the AFL and AFLW competitions.

The WA Country Football League is looking at adding a women’s and standalone under-15 competition to the regular festivities, with the entire competition set to run over the course of at least a week.

WACFL general manager Joe Georgiades said the league was discussing a plan to start the week with a women’s competition, before leading into the rest of the round robin tournaments to showcase the best talent in regional WA.

Currently just the men’s and colts competitions are the highlights, but the WACFL is looking at creating a festival-like week which features as many players from WA as possible.

Georgiades said the aim of the women’s competition was to try to get as many women drafted into the West Coast Eagles women’s team in 2020 or the established Fremantle Dockers side.

“There will be activities all through the week, but the main change will be giving the girls the opportunity,” he said.

“In 2020 the Eagles will have a female team in the AFL, so it is a good opportunity for the country girls to be drafted to either Fremantle or West Coast.

“There are women up north and in the Kimberley playing, so it would be great to get them down here and play.

“We are looking like we will have six teams in the women’s competition.”

Georgiades said the under-15 competition may also consist of some AFL Combine-like testing, which would prepare them for any possible opportunities.

“The under-15s have always been tacked onto our country week, but this way they will be a standalone,” he said.

“We could do AFL draft testing with them, just to get them into that sort of mindset.

“There is a bit happening with it all, but it is all about giving kids the best exposure to the WAFL.

“The colts obviously leading in has also worked well for us.”

Georgiades said it was unlikely the men’s and colts competitions would change.

“We want to encourage more players from the outer-lying leagues to get involved,” he said.

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