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Jimmy Kimmel Rags on Trump for His Randy Quaid Retweets

“Well guys, today, President Trump took a break from his busy schedule of retweeting Randy Quaid and carried out the presidential tradition of pardoning a turkey.” — JIMMY FALLON

“The bird needed to be pardoned after it was let down by its bumbling lawyer, Rooster Giuliani.” — JIMMY FALLON

“It’s the first turkey basted with Grecian Formula.” — JIMMY KIMMEL

“There you have it — an innocent turkey pardoned by a lame duck.”— STEPHEN COLBERT

“Yeah, the good news is, the turkey was pardoned. The bad news is, Trump didn’t wear a mask, so he’s a goner anyway.” — JIMMY FALLON

“Yes, it’s a lucky, lucky bird to have a better legal team than the president.” — STEPHEN COLBERT

“But I hope everyone else wore a mask, because it’s got to be embarrassing if your contact tracing leads back to a turkey pardon.” — JIMMY FALLON

“I saw that people could go online and vote for the turkey they wanted pardoned, Corn or Cob. Meanwhile, it turns out Corn might’ve won because the vote was rigged by Hugo Chávez.” — JIMMY FALLON

Former President Barack Obama was on “The Late Show” on Tuesday and didn’t love Stephen Colbert’s painfully slow imitation of him.

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