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Jason Ravnsborg, South Dakota’s Attorney General, on Crash: ‘I Discovered the Body’

Looking around in the darkness, Mr. Ravnsborg wrote, “All I could see were pieces of my vehicle laying on and around the roadway.” He shone his phone flashlight at the ditch but could not see anything, he said.

The Hyde County sheriff, Mike Volek, arrived, surveyed the damage and filled out the paperwork to report the accident, the attorney general wrote. “At no time did either of us suspect that I had been involved in an accident with a person,” he said. The sheriff could not be reached for comment Tuesday.

The car was too damaged to drive, he wrote, and the nearest tow service was more than an hour away, so Sheriff Volek “graciously offered to loan me his personal vehicle” to drive home to Pierre, S.D. He got there at midnight and made arrangements with his chief of staff to return the car the next morning, he said.

The next morning, as the men were driving to the sheriff’s house, they saw debris from the Taurus on the highway, so they “stopped to see if the animal that I thought I hit was in the ditch,” he wrote. After finding Mr. Boever in the grass, they went and told the sheriff, who sent the men back to Pierre, pending the investigation.

The attorney general also detailed in his statement the steps he had taken to cooperate: giving a face-to-face interview with investigators; agreeing to a blood draw and a search of both his cellphones; and providing a list of “anyone at the dinner who can confirm that I was not drinking alcohol at any time during the event.”

Adding that he was “deeply saddened by the tragic nature of these events,” he once again offered condolences to the dead man’s family.

Mr. Boever’s relatives could not be immediately reached Tuesday. His cousin, Nick Nemec, said Monday that he had worked stints as a nurse’s aide and at a grocery store, but was most recently employed helping a relative haul hay on his cattle farm. Mr. Nemec was not sure why his cousin was out walking by the highway on Saturday night, but he speculated that he may have decided to walk to his pickup, which was disabled after running into a ditch on the highway.

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