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Is John Elway facing same tough QB question that dogged Mike Shanahan in Denver?

Do you trust John Elway with the No. 5 pick in the NFL draft? Isn’t Elway the same guy who kept Paxton Lynch and dumped Kyle Sloter, while drafting Jake Butt, Garett Bolles and Isaiah McKenzie? Wasn’t Elway too soft in contract negotiations, and gave away way too much money for Von Miller and Emmanuel Sanders? Is Elway gambling when he makes personnel moves? He got lucky with Peyton Manning.

Richard, sacking Elway

Kiz: So the diamonds in that Super Bowl 50 ring don’t shine for you anymore? I remember when it was said Mike Shanahan couldn’t win championships without Elway as his quarterback. Now Elway can’t win without Manning? Don’t know if that’s irony, but it’s funny. You are correct to put Elway on blast for the team’s 5-11 record in 2017. But you’re telling me the Broncos would have made the playoffs if they had kept Sloter? Consider this: Sloter couldn’t beat out Case Keenum in Minnesota. Even after his departure from Broncos Country, however, Sloter does serve an important purpose around here. He gives fans that know nothing about football something to gripe about.

Baker Mayfield will be the next Brett Favre.

Rick, Sonoma, Calif.

Kiz: Hey, are you the same person who told me Trevor Siemian would be the next Tom Brady?

I hate that I doubted the great Mark Kiszla regarding Siemian as the Broncos quarterback.

Brandon, Hayward, Calif.

Kiz: Hey, we all make mistakes. I thought Lynch was a smart draft pick. I’d drop and give you 50 push-ups as penance, except I can’t do 50 push-ups.

I’m shocked that you voted Oklahoma State receiver James Washington No. 1 on your Heisman Trophy ballot, Kiz.

Straz, Oklahoma Sooners fan

Kiz: I would be happier to sip a drink and watch a game at Lumpy’s in Norman than Eskimo Joe’s in Stillwater. But the NFL team that drafts Washington will be happier than the one that takes Mayfield.

Edgar Martinez is Hall of Fame worthy.

Nick, all-hit, no-field

Kiz: Even a knucklehead like me was smart enough to include Chipper Jones, Jim Thome, Vladimir Guerrero and Trevor Hoffman on my Hall of Fame ballot. And, yes, I was tempted to toss a vote in the direction of Martinez, but wasn’t certain he could catch it, after watching his 18-year major-league career as a designated hitter.

Would you consider offering some thoughts on the sexual abuse of U.S. female gymnasts and what might be the complicity of Michigan State?

Linda, sees the big picture

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