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Indian MP dresses as Hitler to make point

Indian MP Naramalli Sivaprasa.Indian MP Naramalli Sivaprasa.
Camera IconIndian MP Naramalli Sivaprasa.Picture: Twitter

An Indian MP has appeared in parliament dressed like Adolf Hitler with a toothbrush moustache and wearing a khaki coat with swastika symbols on his pocket and arm.

His demand – more funds for the development of his state in southern India.

Naramalli Sivaprasa also raised his hand in a mazi salute for the media on Thursday. His appearance did not trigger any protests from MPs.

He says he wants to send a message to Prime Minister Narendra Modi not to follow Hitler.

He complained that Modi had gone back on a promise to provide extra funds for his Andhra Pradesh state.

Mr Sivaprasa is used to dressing up differently, like a farmer, a cattle herder, a Muslim cleric and a woman to press different issues.

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