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Increased interest in home-grown produce

Interest in veggie patches as a home feature has grown over the course of the COVID-19 pandemic, according to a survey of Perth residents.

The study, conducted at the height of the lockdown period by ABN Group and Painted Dog Research as part of the latter’s People’s Voice Omnibus series, revealed 33 per cent of a pool of 824 respondents were more likely to look for a veggie patch in a new home than they would have been pre-COVID-19.

Painted Dog Executive Director Michelle Clark-Crumpton told New Homes the finding was one of the more surprising results to come out of the study.

“There was high interest,” she said.

“Maybe they’re wanting to spend more time cooking at home or preparing meals – this was an interesting finding from our perspective.”

Speaking on the trend, Webb & Brown-Neaves Design Team Leader Darren Grunwald said from the design perspective it was more about building a space which would allow a client to maximise their use of home-grown produce.

“It’s really a conversation you need to have with your designer, and thinking about where your best placement for this sort of feature is on the block,” he said.

“Consider orientation and then proximity to the kitchen – connection with the scullery or kitchen is important. A provisional space off those areas can allow for that.”

Mr Grunwald said while he hadn’t yet seen a huge uptick in demand for veggie gardens, there was a marked increase in demand for incorporating greenery more broadly into new homes.

“Biophilia is the integration of plants within the home, and it’s a massive trend at the moment – it’s huge,” he said.

Mr Grunwald said a new Webb & Brown-Neaves display expected to open in the next few months had incorporated these features, with soft planting and a focus on biophilia through the build.

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