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In 6 Minutes, You Can Be Done With Your Workout

This is Asmeret. She’s going to do today’s workout with you. There are four simple exercises. Jumping jacks, standing lunges, kneeling push-ups and plank. You’ll repeat them twice, giving you a total body workout. Each exercise is 30 seconds long. Do them at your own pace. You’ll rest for 15 seconds after each exercise. Give yourself enough space to move around. And grab some water, a towel, or a mat, if you like. Are you ready? Your six-minute workout starts in three, two, one. Let’s go. Jumping jacks are a great cardio exercise. As you jump, make sure you stay on your toes, with your knees slightly bent. Try to keep up with Asmeret, or go at your own pace. You have 10 seconds to go. Three, two, one. You have 15 seconds before your next exercise. Great job. Now rest, stretch or grab some water. Rested? Let’s go. Standing lunges work the lower body. Keep your back straight as you bend both knees and press down. Now switch legs. If you’re off balance, slow down to keep your body stable. Three, two, one. Kneeling push-ups tone your upper body. Keep your hands just wider than shoulder-width apart and your body straight from head to knees. Push-ups can be hard. Bending slightly at the hips, like Asmeret is doing, can make the exercise a bit easier. Ten seconds to go. Three, two, one. Plank pose strengthens your core. Lower onto your forearms and keep your body straight from head to heel. Don’t forget to breathe. If a regular plank is too hard, try a kneeling plank, which puts less stress on your back. Ten seconds to go. Three, two, one. You’re halfway there. Grab some water. We’re going to repeat each of these exercises one more time. Ready? Three, two, one. Jumping jacks keep your heart rate up. As you jump, spread your legs about shoulder-width apart. Asmeret has picked up the pace. Try to push yourself, too. Ten seconds to go. Three, two, one. Standing lunges work your glutes, quads and calves. Rest your hands on your knees to steady yourself. Now switch legs. Pay attention to your body. If you feel pain in your knees, don’t go as low. Three, two, one. Kneeling push-ups are the hardest part of today’s workout. Try to keep your body straight from your head to your knees. But if you need to, you can bend at your hips, like Asmeret. If you’re struggling, you can try a standing push-up against the wall to make it easier. Ten seconds to go. Three, two, one. A plank should engage your abs, as well as your back, quads and glutes. To keep your neck and spine straight, look at a spot on the floor about a foot from your hands. Plank time is a good moment for mindfulness. Keep breathing and remind yourself why you’re making this change. Ten seconds to go. Three, two, one. Congratulations. You just completed your six-minute workout. Grab some water. In a few seconds, we’re going to cool down with two easy yoga stretches. This is child’s pose. Bow forward with your arms outstretched and rest your forehead on the floor. Allow all the tension in your shoulders, neck and arms to drift away. Stay here for 10 deep, slow breaths. Now let’s finish in Shavasana. Empty your mind and relax into the floor. Take a moment to be aware of your body. Feel gratitude for your health and your strength. Stay here as long as you like.

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