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Hurricane Florence: North Carolina locals hit hard by storm

STILL stranded by Florence’s epic floods days after the hurricane hit North Carolina, Wilmington residents lined up by the hundreds on Tuesday for free food, water and tarps as officials struggled to open new routes to one of the state’s largest cities.

The death toll from the storm rose to at least 32 in three states, with 25 fatalities in North Carolina, as remnants of the once-powerful Category 4 hurricane — now reduced to a rainy, windy mass of low pressure — dumped rain on the heavily populated Northeast.

The White House announced that US President Donald Trump will visit North Carolina tomorrow. He has been criticised for his handling of Hurricane Maria, which devastated Puerto Rico last year, and more recently for disputing the official death toll of 3000.

media_cameraUS President Donald Trump tosses paper towels into a crowd at Calvary Chapel in Guaynabo, Puerto Rico. Picture: AP

In Wilmington, population 120,000, workers began handing out supplies using a system that resembled a fast-food restaurant drive-through: Drivers pulled up to pallets lining a street, placed an order and left without having to get out.

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media_cameraLocals lined up to get food in the aftermath of Hurricane Florence. Picture: AFP

Todd Tremain needed tarps to cover up spots where Florence’s winds ripped shingles off his roof. “The roof is leaking, messing up the inside of the house,” he said.

Others got a case of bottled water or military-style food rations. An olive-green military forklift moved around huge pallets loaded with supplies.

Meanwhile, makeshift animal shelters were set up for stranded pets. In heartwarming scenes, locals again lined up to take in animals who may have been separated from their families.

The city of Boiling Spring Lakes, North Carolina, lowered the water levels behind Sanford Dam ahead of Hurricane Florence’s arrival, but it was not enough as the lakes’ waters breached the dam on Saturday night, September 15. During the breach, water washed out Alton Lennon Drive over the dam and rushed into the green space below. Three lakes – Patricia Lake, known as the Big Lake, and North and Pine Lakes – almost completely drained out by Monday. Images taken about an hour and a half before the breach, seen here, show water approaching the road. Credit: Holly Bussell Powell via Storyful

Residents Watch as North Carolina Dam Fails After Florence Rains

Four days after Florence blew ashore and began unloading more than 60cm of rain that paralysed much of North Carolina, Wilmington was still virtually cut off from the rest of the state, with just one road tentatively open as a supply route.

Officials have said they will open roads as flooding recedes and downed trees and powerlines are cleared away. It’s not clear when that might happen.

Items have been brought into the city by big military trucks and helicopters, which also have been used to pluck hundreds of desperate people from atop homes and other structures.

“Thank you,” a shirtless Willie Schubert mouthed to members of a Coast Guard helicopter crew who picked up him and his dog Lucky from atop a house encircled by water in Pollocksville on Monday. It wasn’t clear how long he had been stranded.

media_cameraMike Haddock, 48, Katlyn Humphrey, 19, Michelle Haddock, 45, and Justin Humphrey, 24, remove possessions from the Haddock’s flooded home. Picture: AP

The dead include a one-year-old boy who was swept away after his mother drove into floodwaters and lost her grip on him. Police in Virginia said one person was dead after an apparent tornado.

The rain finally stopped and the sun peeked through on Monday, but North Carolina Governor Roy Cooper warned that dangerously high water would persist for days. He urged residents who were evacuated from the hardest-hit areas to stay away because of closed roads and floodwaters that submerged entire communities. “There’s too much going on,” he said.

media_cameraThe hurricane has devastated much of the Carolinas. Picture: Getty Images/AFP

Utility crews from multiple states worked to restore power, and outages were down from a high of more than 900,000 to about 320,000 homes and businesses, nearly all in North Carolina.

Crews conducted about 700 rescues in New Hanover County, where Wilmington is located. About half of all homes and businesses were without power on Tuesday, a big improvement from a day earlier. Roads were being cleared and the landfill was open to accept storm refuse.

media_cameraA resident surveys a road inundated by water in North Carolina. Picture: AP

Mayor Bill Saffo said he was working with the governor’s office to get more fuel into Wilmington.

“At this time, things are moving as well as can be in the city,” he said.

Downgraded from a tropical depression, the deadly storm still had abundant rain and top winds of around 40km/h. Forecasters said states in the Northeast are in for as much as 10cm of rain before the system moves offshore again.

media_cameraThe Lumber River overflows onto a stretch of highway in Lumberton, North Carolina. Picture: AP

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