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Hundreds of sharks found dead on road in Mexico

The carcasses of hundreds of sharks have been found dumped on the side of a road in Mexico.

The 300 sharks were found in the town of Yurecuaro in Michoacan state, about 150 miles from the coast.

The thresher sharks had been gutted and their fins removed.

Thresher sharks are not a protected species in Mexico and the country’s office for environmental protection said the 300 had apparently been fished legally.

It is thought that thieves had intercepted the truck as fishermen drove it towards Mexico City, they said.

They are believed to have stolen the vehicle and dumped the frozen shark carcasses by the road.

Michoacan state has a problem with gangs and drug cartel violence.

Earlier this month, it was among five Mexican states that were subject to a ‘do not travel’ advisory from the US State Department, putting it on the same level as war zones such as Syria and Yemen.

Britain’s Foreign and Commonwealth Office warns of “drug-related violence” in the state.

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