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How to remove Windows login password

Q: How can I turn off the requirement for a password whenever my desktop computer has been turned off (or is even just sleeping) for any length of time and I want to use it again? I’m the only person who uses it, my husband (who has his own computer) is the only other person living in our home, and I don’t see the necessity for a password all the time. I’m using Windows 7, and have looked everywhere, but can’t find a place that would enable me to turn off the password requirement. ~ Meri Lee, Greenwood Village

Tech+ Why in the world would you want to disable your computer password when we live in a modern world where cyber threats and malicious hackers abound? Yes, yes, I know you told me why. And yes, I’m paranoid since I cover such threats regularly so I try to make sure I do the max. While it’s up to individuals to decide whether the tradeoff of extra security for convenience is worth it, at least make sure you update the software you use regularly and use a good anti-virus/security software.

That said, yes, there’s a way to disable your password. For Windows 7 users, it could be as simple as going to the Windows Control Panel, then User Accounts and clicking “Remove your password.” However this feature isn’t available in newer versions of Windows.

It may require changing the Windows Registry, which can be dangerous if you’re a newbie. Only attempt this if you understand that if you inadvertently change the wrong thing, you could wreck your PC (so please take good notes on any changes you make). I’m not going to share the steps on disabling Windows 7 logins/passwords here, but in Microsoft forums — like this one: dpo.st/disablepassword — there are instructions on how to do this.

A prime reason why Microsoft requires users to log into their computers in recent years is that your account is linked to an online Microsoft account. That password you use on your PC is the same one you can use to log into your online Microsoft account.

But unlink the two and you will be able to disable the password for your PC, at least with Windows 10. If you don’t want to type in a password at home, follow these steps:

  1. Press the Windows button and “I” to open the Windows settings
  2. Find and press “Accounts”
  3. Select “Sign in with a local account instead”
  4. It will ask for your current password, so type that in and hit next
  5. In the next window, it’ll ask you to type in a password and also “Reenter password.” Don’t type a thing. Just hit “Next.”
  6. Follow the instructions to “Sign out and finish” and now the next time you reboot your PC, you won’t need to type in a password.
  7. However, if you try to use certain apps or other features linked to your online Microsoft persona, you may need to link your offline and online worlds again.

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