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How Republicans Are Losing the Suburbs

“For an old-timer like me, those numbers are almost incomprehensible,” Lawrence Levy, the executive dean of the National Center for Suburban Studies at Hofstra University, told Ms. Wang, my colleague. “It is not my mother and father’s suburbs, and it never will be.”

In Westchester County, the Democratic Party has gained 123,000 voters since 1996, while the Republican Party has lost more than 20,000. In neighboring Rockland County, the Democrats gained more than 26,000 registrations, while the Republicans picked up about 6,000.

In 1996 in Orange County, there were 16,000 more Republicans than Democrats. Today, more than 89,000 voters are registered as Democrats, while 74,000 are registered as Republicans.

Democrats have outnumbered Republicans in the city for decades, and that advantage is growing.

In 1996, there were 2.5 million registered Democrats; half a million voters were registered as Republicans. Since then, the Democratic Party has gained nearly a million voters, while the number of registered Republicans has remained flat.

The Democratic Party’s biggest increases have been in Brooklyn, where it gained 347,000 voters, and in Queens, where it gained 250,000.

The G.O.P.’s top gain came in Staten Island, where it has added nearly 23,000 voters since 1996. The Democratic Party gained nearly 32,000 voters.

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