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How Colorado homeowners are using fake turf to keep their lawns green and weed-free

Fake grass is real news in Denver. Tatum and Eddie Perez painstakingly curate every element of their stylish Modern home in Krisana Park, including the synthetic turf in their small backyard. The grass is always greener — not to mention weed-free — since the couple installed the product five years ago.

“We never had fresh grass in that space. We just had a concrete slab and a large outdoor rug,” said Tatum. “The turf drains nicely so it doesn’t require much maintenance. It stays nice and green in the winter when everything else is dormant.”

The Perezes paid about $1,200 for their do-it-yourself synthetic lawn.

“It came in a big roll, and Eddie cut it to size,” Tatum said. “It has weathered so nicely. We even considered doing the whole lawn with it, but only for a minute because we knew that would be sustainable, but also kind of crazy.”

Actually, not so crazy. Faux grass is growing ever more popular in Colorado, as it has in California. Playgrounds and parks use synthetic turf. Homeowners are installing faux grass putting greens.

“My brother-in-law has the turf in his daughter’s playroom,” Tatum said.

Libby and Chris Campbell rolled out their company, Mile High Synthetic Turf, more than 19 years ago. Libby Campbell said their product sells itself.

“We’re crazy busy,” she said. Residential installations account for about 85 percent of the company’s business. About 65 percent of customers are dog guardians. The Campbells’ company has installed artificial grass at veterinarian clinics and dog kennels, too, because polyurethane turf can take the abuse of canine paws and claws.

“Dogs can ruin grass and make a muddy yard. People get tired of replacing sod every two to three years and decide to replace it with artificial grass,” Campbell said.

The Perezes’ rescue dog Moxey McJagger doesn’t use the artificial grass to do her business, but many dogs do, and synthetic turf can take it without suffering unsightly burns and stains common to natural grass.

“People still have to pick up poop and rinse urine, but we offer a 15-year warranty,” Campbell said, “We couldn’t warranty our turf that long if dogs could destroy it, dig through it, pull it up.”

A blanket of artificial turf covers ...

Kathryn Scott, Special to The Denver Post

A blanket of artificial turf covers the courtyard patio of Tatum and Eddie Perez’s home on April 16, 2018 in Denver. Bordering the turf area is blue Mexican Beach Pebble along the fence line.

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