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Home and Away Review: Owen is Evan’s twin, but we already guessed that

People love bagging out Australia Post for lost or late mail but there’s no such thing in Summer Bay because Owen receives a letter which manages to find its way to his van.

It’s his original birth certificate and wouldn’t you know, it confirms our suspicion that he’s a twin and was separated from Evan at birth.

The letter.
Camera IconThe letter. Credit: Channel 7

Roo is speechless.

Owen and Ryder sit on some logs sharing stories about Evan.

Ryder describes his muso daddo as “really cool”, then reels off a list of traits about him that we didn’t know.

He was a people person, was terrible with money, loved Thai food, and could accurately predict the temperature at any given time. That last one sounds like Hamish and Andy’s special skills audit.

This should be an incredibly heartbreaking moment – Owen has just discovered he has a twin but fate has dealt him the raw end of the deal and they can never meet.

But it has no effect on my apparent heart of steel which is more interested in counting the squiggles on Ryder’s shirt.

Lots of squiggles.
Camera IconLots of squiggles. Credit: Channel 7

Maz and Irene revisit the idea that Roo shared a “special bond” with Evan in his final weeks and isn’t letting on… until now.

Roo says she stayed up all night chatting away about life, not unlike rowdy teenage girls at a sleepover.

Then Maz says it: “Were you in love with Evan?”

Roo is probably due a love interest but in a strange twist of event, he’s already dead so it’s likely she will project these feelings onto Owen. We don’t know if he’s single but that doesn’t matter for Home and Away.

Owen is looking at THAT video from Evan’s gig and Roo comments on how amazing that night was. I don’t know about you, but I found that song particularly cringeworthy and I don’t even have it in for Evan.

Was Roo in love with Evan?
Camera IconWas Roo in love with Evan? Credit: Channel 7

Owen and Evan are both left handed. It seals the deal for Roo who exclaims and looks longingly into Owen’s eyes.

Moving onto Dean and his daddy issues.

He tells his sister, Mac, that he now has a kid. They mustn’t be that close because Dean didn’t tell her for a whole week so it’s not really a shock when Mac literally laughs in his face.

Ziggy is also having a hard time coming to terms with the news.

But not Dean, he’s really into it and is happily playing with Jai when the child blurts out, “are you my dad?”

Dean should still get a paternity test.

Dean should get a paternity test.
Camera IconDean should get a paternity test. Credit: Channel 7

Amber almost sheds a tear, the happy kind which is pretty uncharacteristic for her.

Amber almost sheds a tear.
Camera IconAmber almost sheds a tear. Credit: Channel 7

Amber shares some rather intimate details from “memory lane” over “family lunch” which does it dues pushing Ziggy — who isn’t keen on “fourth wheeling” — out of the picture.

C’mon Ziggy, it’s the modern day. What family doesn’t have step kids, long lost siblings, and lovers that return from the dead?

But let’s remember, this is the woman who practically had a breakdown when her parents moved to France a few months ago, and she decides its best to pack and move out for a while.

It’s not a bad idea given how openly that household talk about dead Ross’ murder – it’s only a matter of time before she overhears something.

And crazy Jasmine is back.

Quick outburst of crazy Jasmine.
Camera IconQuick outburst of crazy Jasmine. Credit: Channel 7

Well not quite, but it was so unusual.

Jas has beef with her councillor who wants her to visit dead Robbo’s grave as the next step forward in her recovery.

But Jasmine isn’t ready.

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