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Home and Away evaluate: Nikau and Bella let off pretty easy after running away last week, but breakup is looming

The aftermath of Bella and Nikau’s massive running away stunt is in full swing but they’re let off the hook surprisingly easy.

Bella is whisked away into the interview room with Angelo.

For someone who has been demanding to see Bella and threatening to take out an arrest warrant, Angelo is conducting a pretty soft interview and there is really no reason to be worried.

Very soft interrogation.
Camera IconVery soft interrogation. Credit: Channel 7

Bella relives the painful memories with the aid of unsaturated flashbacks… so we know they’re flashbacks.

While this is going on Colby is freaking out like one of those OCD pageant parents, but Willow tells him to simmer down and walk his frustrations off.

This walk turns out to be beneficial in more than one way because behold, who should Colby run into other than Taylor, Angelo’s wife who Colby has been getting onside with the aid of wine.

I’m not personally feeling any kind of chemistry between them but Taylor is usually wearing figure-hugging activewear which can’t hurt.

Maybe she’ll become the token character in activewear since Willow seems to have permanently graduated to normal clothes.

Colby strategically — or so he thinks — drops a line about how worried he is for Bella’s mental health and her inability to process stressful situations which landed her in that fancy horse camp last time.

Naturally Taylor sides with Colby and agrees that Angelo has been pushing too hard.

Bella is released from the interview and into Willow’s awaiting arms before going home to deal with the wrath of Colby.

Colby starts yelling at her which in all fairness is warranted because there’s a lot of people tied up in dead Ross’ murder and running away did not help the situation.

But they forgive each other as siblings do.

We get an update on Justin and more importantly this mystery doggo they call Buddy.

Justin is second guessing his decision not to get treatment and Leah pleads with him to have the surgery.

But he has a labour intensive job and he “has a kid to raise” even though we never see his daughter Ava, and surgery and possible paralysis is too much to risk.

So he hands all responsibility over to Leah who is going to be watching him like a hawk because she has the curse and history tells us that he’s going to die.

Meanwhile Nikau is getting the third degree from his uncles, which once again is warranted.

A very mild third degree from the uncles.
Camera IconA very mild third degree from the uncles. Credit: Channel 7

Tane and Ari are pretty cool about it all and they only ask to know what’s going on next time something like this happens.

It’s actually sound advice since Nikau has been getting himself into some rather sticky situations of late if we include the accidental baby and car stealing which seems to have been forgotten.

Even though Nikau just proclaimed Bella’s more than “some girl”, it seems the gravity of his gallant actions have caught up with him.

Nikau and Bella are on the jetty and I’m gearing up for something massive, probably a breakup since Nikau’s already said I love you heaps of times without much reaction.

It goes as planned.

Nikau is having a hard time coming to terms with that fact that Bella left him in the “middle of nowhere” when he literally gave up everything including his family to be with her.

The young lovers’ second tiff. Could this be the end?
Camera IconThe young lovers’ second tiff. Could this be the end? Credit: Channel 7

“You used me Bella,” Nikau says.

She runs after him but it’s too late and he needs space.

Colby also thanks the Paratas for their help getting Bella back which is a massive move considering how much they hate each other.

And in one final win for Colby, he overhears Angelo and Taylor fighting which brings him much joy and seals his place in Taylor’s life with another glass of wine.

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