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Home and Away Review: Mac and Ari take take the plunge and move in together with Tane and his arms

It’s a lovely morning in Summer Bay, especially for happy couple Ari and Mackenzie, who have a quick smooch on the beach — but it’s usually a sign that things are about to go off the rails.

It couldn’t come at a better time because between Justin’s stubborn nature and Roo’s two Daddo’s, it’s getting awfully repetitive.

However, that day is not today.

Mac missed an email from her landlord a few weeks ago and now she has 48 hours to vacate her apartment.

She’s frantically looking for a new pad and whether it’s her passionate phone manner or there really are no places available at such short notice — she has nowhere to live.

Naturally her boyfriend Ari asks her to move in and now the big question on everyone’s lips is can she hide her feelings for Tane while they’re under the same roof?

Will the happy couple survive living under the same roof...with Tane.
Camera IconWill the happy couple survive living under the same roof…with Tane. Credit: Channel 7

They have that conversation that every new relationship on TV has — but they go through the motions anyway and stress that it’s “kind of a massive step”.

But Ari sweetens the deal by reminding her about the pool and she takes the plunge and says yes!

Tane slips in a sly comment about how long it’s been since Ari has lived with a woman as quarrelling brothers do, but let’s not forget that Ari did live with Marilyn and she’s certainly not ok with leaving the dishes next to the sink and gross bathrooms.

Mac arrives with her many suitcases and it becomes apparent from her face that her repressed feelings for Tane and his giant arms are bubbling back to the surface.

There’s a lot of air time dedicated to Justin not having surgery, but in a new development his sister, Tori, goes behind his back and invites Ava, his daughter, to stay.

Standard case of sibling blackmail.
Camera IconStandard case of sibling blackmail. Credit: Channel 7

Both Justin and Leah are furious at the lengths Tori has gone to and agree “that was way out of line”.

Tori plays the dead Robbo card and says she can’t possibly face losing another loved one.

So once again Justin reiterates that he’s not willing to take the risk of being in a wheelchair even if he is only a “mere mortal”.

Justin pretending he’s not in pain.
Camera IconJustin pretending he’s not in pain. Credit: Channel 7

Tori accepts defeat and Ava’s visit is called off…and then it’s back on because Ava is apparently very excited about visiting her dad.

Maz treats her bestie Roo to a day of pampering to take her mind of the unfolding Evan/Owen situation.

“I just don’t think a manicure is the answer to my problems,” Roo says.

But like all master manicurists, Maz’s soothing touch calms Roo to the point where her true feelings come flooding out.

Maz treats Roo to a day of pampering.
Camera IconMaz treats Roo to a day of pampering. Credit: Channel 7

“I feel like there’s something or someone missing from my life,” Roo says.

So it’s unofficially confirmed.

Roo and Owen are about to become romantically entangled and I’m not yet sure how I feel about projecting your love for the deceased onto their twin.

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