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Home and Away Review: Love is in the air for Roo and Owen and we farewell crazy Jas

Tonight’s episode is particularly cringe-worthy on several levels, especially Jasmine.

The script writers grant Jasmine free passage into the next chapter of her life after poor Sam Frost has copped the brunt of some seriously rough plot lines for what has been the better part of the year.

Some of the highlights (if you can call them that) include the brief introduction of “Jas cam”, hitting rock bottom and that zip lock baggie with a collection of baby Gracie’s things.

But the one I’m going to miss the most was how the mentioning of dead Robbo as a way to prove the seriousness of a situation. Like Jasmine meant business if it was dead Robbo-level.

I shan’t dare to repeat the lines from tonight, so in short, counselling is paying off after what must be two sessions, she has a much healthier outlook on life, is grateful to have her friends around her and is cured.

Jas is cured!
Camera IconJas is cured! Credit: Channel 7

You will be sorely missed crazy Jasmine.

Now onto the next cringe matter for the evening – Roo and Owen’s not-so blossoming relationship.

Everyone keeps saying how much the brothers look alike so it’s like Roo has decided that Owen is Evan since they have all the same interests and he even bought a new guitar to be more like Evan.

We know Roo’s into Owen because she squeaks when she speaks to him.

Roo asks Owen on a date.
Camera IconRoo asks Owen on a date. Credit: Channel 7

I’m not a fan.

Roo’s a level-headed, no fuss and independent character, so why can’t she act like that while falling for Owen instead of resembling a teenage girl?

The dating pool must be grim where he’s from because he’s more than happy to hear out a women who is in love with his dead brother.

Roo is worried she “made a total fool” of herself in front of Owen but redeems herself by asking him out on a date and they begin to clear the confusing air and unpack their complicated relationship.

Then we come to Justin, which isn’t so much of a cringe moment, more that my patience is wearing very thin.

Ava, Justin’s daughter, is in town for a few days and Justin is moping around and poppin’ pills.

Mopey Justin.
Camera IconMopey Justin. Credit: Channel 7

I get that we’re supposed to feel sorry for him but c’mon Justin, dead Robbo is dead and Mason was killed off in that tragic siege at the hospital last year so get it together and at least get a second opinion before declaring not to have surgery.

But Ava is clued in and thinks it’s all a bit suss that she’s suddenly coming to visit and is looking for answers — but we’ll have to wait and see if Justin gives in and tells her.

Also Bella and Nikau are very smitten with each other even though I distinctly remember Nikau saying he needed space to process the whole Colby killing dead Ross and running away from home.

However, I do not recall their glorious reunion.

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