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Home and Away Review: Jasmine’s fake world is about to come crashing down around her

The show opens with Jasmine running again, but this time in slow motion so we know we’re in for a big one.

She offers to look after Grace, but Tori declines.

Jasmine become extremely passive aggressive – verging on just aggressive.

She does not let up for the rest of the episode and takes up any excuse to declare Tori is a bad mum.

She immediately takes out her journal to keep track of Tori’s mothering movements which is all part of her grand plan to bring Tori down and get custody of Grace.

Jasmine writing in her precious journal.
Camera IconJasmine writing in her precious journal. Credit: Channel 7

As mentioned yesterday, Irene is back from holiday and her two roommates Jas and Willow get her caught up on all the town gossip.

“We almost had a terrible tragedy,” Jasmine says about Tori’s car being stolen with baby Gracie inside.

Irene is completely shocked but it’s the diner break in which tips her over the edge given Leah’s unfortunate history with kidnappings.

Tori is onto her second cup of coffee for the day when she sees the photos of baby Grace have been posted to the gym’s website and low and behold Jasmine is also front and centre.

Irene in complete disbelief.
Camera IconIrene in complete disbelief. Credit: Channel 7

Tori was always under the impression that she was going to be in the photos although it was never explicitly said and as predicted this does not fare well with Tori.

“It was supposed to be me and Grace, not her,” she tells Justin.

Justin has no problem letting it all out since he lost all trust in Jasmine weeks ago and it gives Tori the courage to march over to the gym to sort it out.

But Jasmine plays the unassuming victim once again and brings up old faithful dead Robbo and how proud he would be to see his baby girl as the face of his gym.

“I never said anything about you being in the photos,” Jas says. She’s not wrong, but this is exactly what Tori needed.

Then the monologue begins and Tori relives all the times Jasmine has deceived her and finally realises that Jas has been stringing her along as part of her grand plan for weeks.

The exact moment Tori realises she’s been played by Jasmine.
Camera IconThe exact moment Tori realises she’s been played by Jasmine. Credit: Channel 7/Channel 7

“I’ve been played,” she says.

Indeed she has.

Tori immediately escalates the situation and is going to see Colby to figure out what her options are to protect Grace from Jasmine.

John rehashes the conversation from the night before saying he “meant every word of it”.

“I know that I’m a burden to you and that’s why you left me at home,” he tells Marilyn.

“Alright fine,” Maz blurts out.

Even though Maz already knows the truth, it’s too much for her and Willow finds her inconsolable and sobbing on a bench.

Marilyn doesn't love John anymore.
Camera IconMarilyn doesn’t love John anymore. Credit: Channel 7

Only something this “awful” can be resurrected with the help of Irene who is called in for backup.

Marilyn confesses and tells Irene she doesn’t love John anymore.

When she comes home John has made other arrangements for his care.

It is sad but it seemed pretty imminent since they only reconciled when John had a stroke.

Meanwhile Alf is keeping a close eye on Ryder but he’s come to terms with his Daddo’s prognosis and tells Alf to spend his time with Martha who is away doing an art show.

“I know you’re only staying here because of me but I think she needs you more than me,” Ryder says.

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