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Home and Away Review: Jasmine is on a path of destruction

Home and Away really like to squeeze every bit of juice from their plot lines and the Jasmine and Colby abysmal kiss saga is definitely one of these.

Jasmine herself sums it up so well when she says “why are we dissecting this again?”

“I thought we should talk about why the kiss actually happened,” Colby says to Jasmine.

Jasmine says she doesn’t have “some deep dark longing” for him, probably because her character has too much going on right now, but this certainly seems plausible for later on.

She seems fairly level-headed, but it’s short-lived and she completely flips out when she discovers Colby and Willow were talking about her and it sets her on a path of destruction.

She storms off to find Willow, before asking: “Where did you get off sticking your nose in my business.”

Why are you so obsessed with me Jasmine?
Camera IconWhy are you so obsessed with me Jasmine? Credit: Channel 7

Meanwhile the producers were busy laying the groundwork for the end of the episode and made it very clear that Tori is exhausted, sleep deprived and not coping so well at the moment.

Justin and Leah offer to cancel their date to help but Tori declines and they go on their date.

It’s assumed it was night, but it’s so hard to tell what time of day it is in Summer Bay and according to the time line, it may have been a breakfast date.

While out on said date, Justin and Leah are within earshot of Jasmine’s very public declaration of how angry she is at Willow.

Jas just goes for it and stops at nothing, even referring to herself as “crazy Jasmine.”

“We’re not friends so stay the hell away from me,” she says in a huff.

We’re supposed to feel sorry for Jasmine considering how much she’s been though with dead Robbo and the phantom pregnancy and all, but her rage doesn’t seem sincere and it’s getting awfully repetitive.

There must be other ways to capture a young widow’s grief over her husband that Home and Away haven’t already done?

“She’s convinced herself we’re conspiring about her,” Colby says to Justin, Leah and Willow.

Jas goes for a run. It’s very dramatic. Complete with sweat, puffing and theatrical music.

She turns up at Tori’s house the moment she gets baby Grace to sleep and spills her feelings — saying she’s worried she’s being watched and constantly judged.

Tori falls for it and Jasmine takes full advantage and swoops in seeing how tired she is, and offers to keep watch of Grace while she has a nap.

Justin and Leah come back from their date and Justin swiftly moves in to take the baby from Jasmine and mucks up the delicate situation.

Justin thinks “there is something seriously wrong with Jasmine” but the others think he’s making a bigger deal of it than it needs to be. Only time will tell, but Justin is onto something.

Then Jasmine takes things out of her bag very systematically and thoughtfully, much like a psychopath, and pastes photos of herself and baby Grace into a photo album titled My family and it’s definitely not healthy.

It’s simple Ben, we just split Summer Bay in half.
Camera IconIt’s simple Ben, we just split Summer Bay in half. Credit: Channel 7

Newly separated Ben and Maggie are yet to figure out the finer details of their new relationship, like how to not constantly run into each other.

Maggie gets riled up over yet another run in and wants to split the town in two so they can stick to their respective sides.

She comes back to apologise for her ludicrous solution and says she’s going to take some time out to visit their daughter, Coco up north.

Will this be her exit from the show, or just a hiatus?

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