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Home and Away Review: Jasmine confronts her demons and visits dead Robbo’s grave

First things first, this AVO between Jasmine and Tori is very loose and since it was issued, their relationship is the best it’s been in months — which seems counter-intuitive.

Things pick back up with Irene counselling Jasmine about her councillor over Jasmine’s refusal to visit dead Robbo’s grave.

Irene counselling Jas about her counsellor.
Camera IconIrene counselling Jas about her counsellor. Credit: Channel 7

We know she is close to rock bottom because she cancels her play date with Gracie, an opportunity she would have given anything for a few weeks ago.

It’s clear Jasmine is struggling with grief, but Tori offers to go with her since their besties again, but in true Jasmine fashion, she sticks to her guns and refuses.

At this point we see Justin is looking a little worse for wear.

He’s still refusing to get surgery to remove “the thing” on his spine when he is overcome with pain and spasms and goes home for a nap. It’s becoming a familiar pattern.

In that short time Jasmine changes her mind and wants to see Robbo’s grave… and today!

Baby Gracie is reacquainted with her father.

“This is where daddy is,” Tori tells Grace. I find that particular line a bit creepy, but I didn’t know dead Robbo.

Tori and baby Grace speak to dead Robbo’s grave, just a bit creepy.
Camera IconTori and baby Grace speak to dead Robbo’s grave, just a bit creepy. Credit: Channel 7

Jasmine isn’t ready to talk to the stone yet.

But it doesn’t take long before she pours her heart out to the stone and Irene and Tori are very very proud of her.

Then Tori hears about Justin’s incident and rushes to be with him. It looks like his death bed, but he is still just napping.

Tori has a good cry and Leah reassures her that Justin will realise the right decision is to have the surgery.

It’s made all too real with the cemetery visit earlier in the day and Tori can’t lose her brother too.

I don’t have that much faith in Justin’s judgement though, and it seems neither does Tori who enlists the help of Justin’s daughter, Ava, who will probably guilt him into having surgery.

I wonder if Tori — the most fantastic doctor in the world — will be performing the surgery.

Meanwhile Owen is getting acquainted with good old Summer Bay hospitality as he tries to make sense of the dead long lost twin situation.

Showing Owen good old Summer Bay hospitality.
Camera IconShowing Owen good old Summer Bay hospitality. Credit: Channel 7

So of course Ryder presents Owen with Evan’s precious guitar.

Owen along with Ryder, Roo and Maz almost weep at the sight of it.

While going through some of the things in the case, Owen realises he’s actually been to one of Evan’s gigs and Maz is certain that this was all meant to be.

Their meeting must be fate.
Camera IconTheir meeting must be fate. Credit: Channel 7

Owen can also play the guitar which is hardly a surprise since it’s the same person.

Roo holds back the tears again as she’s reminded of the intense emotions she had for Evan and confesses her feeling to Alf and Maz over tea.

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