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Home and Away Review: Hurricane Amber and bad boy Tane hook up

The episode opens with a shot of Tane and his exceptionally huge arms — shirtless of course — on the beach, making it near impossible for Mackenzie to ignore him, who just last week confessed to Dean that she found him irresistible.

Keep in mind, Mac is dating Tane’s brother, Ari, and has just hired him.

Tane does however wear a shirt to his first day of work at Salt, which is good news for Mac, but she’s not the only one who fancies the Bay’s bad boy.

At this point the timeline becomes somewhat confusing because it’s still light outside and it seems Amber and Willow have been drinking though the night discussing their old friends Dean and Colby.

Tane is tasked with getting the rather drunk patrons to order something from the menu.

Amber takes it as an invitation to flirt and all I have to say is that it’s very predictable putting the two “bad” characters together.

Delicious eye candy.
Camera IconDelicious eye candy. Credit: Channel 7

Then we come to our next relationship, Bella and Nikau.

Oh young love – how sweet it is. They are practically inseparable.

Nik has the house to himself and ceases the moment to invite his new gal over for a date. Bella still seems a bit cautious but she’s definitely into him because she’s not sure what to wear.

Ziggy comments that Bella is a “delicious looking human” which is our second quick-witted food-related comment of the night.

Nik has a lot of vegetables, especially for a young man — including kale, sweet potato, a lot of greens and carrots soaking in a bowl of water.

It’s mum’s special recipe. And Gem is also doing well visiting family in NZ.

Back to Salt and Amber decides she does indeed want to sample a bit of Tane and he leaves work early to “sleep with a customer”.

Tane is very pleased with customer service.
Camera IconTane is very pleased with customer service. Credit: Channel 7

Bella and Nikau are cuddled up on the couch watching a “cheesy” horror movie when Tane and hurricane Amber burst in and ruin the mood.

Tane is nowhere to be seen because he’s working on his customer service skills, so Ari helps Mac close up.

“Expect them to screw up and you’ll never been disappointed,” Ari tells Mac. What a motto to live by.

We know they’re all going to end up in the same house and there’s going to be all the emotions when Mac finds out.

The following morning, Tane only gets a few stern words. But the underwhelming reaction makes me think something big is going to happen and the producers are saving it up.

Willow is incredibly hungover. Amber, on the other hand, is drink fit from her many years of training.

Amber runs into Tane on his way to work, which is awfully presumptuous of him and they continue their flirtatious banter.

“Eye candy like you is good for business,” Amber says.

All the while Mac is listening in. She gives him an ‘I’m disappointed in you’ look.

Mac shakes her head in disappointment.
Camera IconMac shakes her head in disappointment. Credit: Channel 7

Being oblivious to the nuances, Tane doesn’t really think anything is wrong.

He asks Mac if she’s angry at him “because I left early or left with someone?”

She just looks at him, probably fascinating about his enormous arms.

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