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Home and Away Review: Dr Green ruffles Tori’s feathers

Welcome to Dr Christian Green, the best neurosurgeon Dr Tori can find, and I know its early days, but is he the new Dr McDreamy?

We’ve been told that soon after his arrival, a new romance blossoms with Tori.

But in true Home and Away fashion, when a new character arrives they’re the cause of tension until they charm their way into our hearts, just like Tane and Amber who is well on her way.

Last night Justin agreed to get a second opinion so Tori spends the whole day hitting the phones to find the top neurosurgeon, which is when we hear our first whisperings of this Dr Green.

Tori has pulled some serious strings and Dr Green has an opening for Justin, tomorrow.

However Tori is not impressed with what she finds which is so predictably Home and Away.

Dr Green is gruff, to the point and his incredibly deep voice both brings a level of drama whilst reassuring me that he is indeed the best doctor in the world.

Tori’s clearly not a fan of the engine analogy.
Camera IconTori’s clearly not a fan of the engine analogy. Credit: Channel 7

There’s a bit of medical jargon (nothing on the OG McDreamy of Grey’s Anatomy) but Dr Green brings it down to Justin’s level by comparing his tumour to a car engine.

Dr Green says “he’s never lost a patient” and, well, sign me up.

Justin signs up too.

Back to that all important date between Roo and Owen.

Roo is very excited for her date, but then reality catches up with her.

“I’m going to dinner with an exact replica…,” Roo trails off.

But Marilyn is on hand to for that all important pep talk and to sort out that endless dilemma of what to wear.

Meanwhile Ryder is on team Owen imparting his (not very) extensive knowledge of dating.

The last time Ryder was caught up in planning a special date — Nikau and Bella’s amazing cheese picnic — Bella’s wasn’t a fan and I fear that with Roo in a particularly fragile state, Ryder’s track record will play it’s hand.

Ryder the date planning aficionado.
Camera IconRyder the date planning aficionado. Credit: Channel 7

Roo emerges from the house resembling a beautiful green butterfly.

And Ryder’s record for high stakes dates ending in disaster is now two for two which is a little unfortunate because his dates are pretty great.

Roo starts tearing up and runs off.

As I’ve said all week, it’s too much, too soon.

Roo was holding dead Evan’s hand a few weeks ago and now she’s going on a date with his twin brother and the emotions are flooding in.

Alf breaks the news to poor Owen that the date is off.

But new Daddo isn’t scared off and comes back with the offer of a low key walk which is much more manageable.

Also not a date.
Camera IconAlso not a date. Credit: Channel 7

Finally onto these very conspicuous dudes who roll into town.

Tane’s ridiculously ripped physique and some conspicuous dudes.
Camera IconTane’s ridiculously ripped physique and some conspicuous dudes. Credit: Channel 7

“It’s been a while since I’ve seen you,” the dudes say to Tane and his incredibly ripped bod.

They appear to be the people Tane gets his wads of cash from and they have another job for him.

He tells them he’s not interested.

These dudes certainly don’t get the message and stick around and cause a ruckus when Tane asks them to leave by glassing him in the stomach.

Summer Bay really is the most dangerous place in the world.

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