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Home and Away evaluate: Colby gets revenge on Angelo and hurts Taylor in the process

Colby does some fine detective work of his own and finally gets one over on Angelo.

The detective and Taylor are playing happy families and talking amongst themselves.

“He has every reason to stay out of prison, everyone cracks eventually,” he says, referring to Dean who declined the offer to get a reduced sentence.

“Don’t push too hard, you don’t want the same problem as last time,” Taylor says.

This problem intrigues me.

It looks like Colby is already onto it and finds an article with Angelo hiding his face from the camera and a gripping headline making the bold claim that he sent the wrong person to jail.

What a bold claim.
Camera IconWhat a bold claim. Credit: Channel 7

It’s all very ominous and vague and Colby casually mentions it to Taylor to dig for more info (because it would be boring if the camera paused long enough on the computer screen for us to read the story).

In some sort of new location amongst the rushes, a teary Taylor explains Angelo was once kicked out of the force, worked really hard to get back in then made a mistake and it nearly “ended him” and “us”.

I’d love some more details about Angelo’s past but it seems like the producers are going to string this one out.

“I mean one wrong move and he’d be finished,” Colby says, trying to be supportive but secretly thinking ‘this is the moment he’s been waiting for’.

Colby gets on his phone and makes a formal complaint about police harassment by Angelo and it really gets the detective riled up and they pick a fight in front of the entire town.

Colby gets Angelo riled up.
Camera IconColby gets Angelo riled up. Credit: Channel 7

Apparently lodging the formal complaint means Angelo has to do everything by the book and fill in a lot of forms which is a relief to Bella who hears the news at home.

Amber and Jai walk in — since the door was left wide open — but of course, they haven’t overheard something they shouldn’t.

Little Jai is charming the pants off everyone until he says he doesn’t need any presents for his birthday and Dean realises how tight is money.

Amber having money troubles.
Camera IconAmber having money troubles. Credit: Channel 7

As an act on kindness Dean pulls out $100 which Amber really takes the wrong way and storms off with Jai before he can get his cake, a true travesty.

Back to Taylor and she has a big glass of wine in hand which is fair enough after the massive day she’s had.

She’s stuck between protecting her husband — who she doesn’t like that much — and her affair with Colby, who has just betrayed her and is threatening her relationship with this husband.

Probably another chardy.
Camera IconProbably another chardy. Credit: Channel 7

Bella tells her to listen up, probably about calling off the affair for good this time.

Onto Tori who isn’t taking the sighting of Jasmine and budget-McDreamy’s date-non-date well at all.

Jas picks up on the tension and claims she has no idea why they were friends yesterday and not today.

To be fair Jas had no idea that Tori was thinking about partaking in a relationship with budget-McDreamy, so it’s fair game.

“I think I’ve done something to upset Tori,” Jas says to Leah and Justin who his permanently based at the diner.

Justin says not to worry about it and blurts out that Tori fancies the “hot doc” and Jas promptly makes amends with Tori.

“There’s nothing going on between Dr Green and I,” she says.

Tori claims she’s not interested.

Then Jas in her new role as matchmaker moves onto budget-McDreamy and assures him Tori is in “a much better mood”, but she’s not.

“Did I run over your cat or something?” Christian says to Tori, while they yell at each other a bit.

Tori is furious that Justin blabbed and releases her anger at home and all the while budget-McDreamy is actually in the living room.

Just another awkward romance.
Camera IconJust another awkward romance. Credit: Channel 7

She’s mortified by the embarrassment but he says the only person he’s interested in is Tori and he makes a cute joke about also calling her the “hot doc” and they’re back on track.

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