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Home and Away Review: Bella walks in on the aftermath of the ‘massage’ between Colby and Taylor

Bella walks in on Colby and Taylor on the couch after their “massage”.

They sit up very abruptly with their guilty faces. Colby’s hair looks funny… although it usually does.

They are however fully clothed (minus Colby’s top which was already removed for said massage) so there is (unfortunately) insufficient evidence to determine if Colby slept with the enemy.

Taylor repeatedly says she’s married and runs off straight into the arms of her husband.

Bella casually teases Colby about the incident when Dean comes home and doesn’t hesitate filling in the gaps.

“That woman is detective Rosetta’s wife,” he says.

Colby downplays it and drops the same line about how staying close to the case is in their best interests he’s keeping them “out of prison”.

Dean and Bella absolutely lose their mind.

I’ve never seen Dean so angry and I’ve never seen eyes as wide as his.

Who knew pupils could dilate that much.
Camera IconWho knew pupils could dilate that much. Credit: Channel 7

Willow breaks up the fight but it doesn’t really deter Colby from his self-imposed path of destruction.

It’s the next morning now and it seems Colby’s bold risk has paid off this time as Taylor’s loyalty does lie with him, at least for now.

She tells Colby – who of course is shirtless again – about the new forensics report and he is determined to find out what’s on it.

Taylor’s loyalty does lie with Colby.
Camera IconTaylor’s loyalty does lie with Colby. Credit: Channel 7

Keep in mind that Dean was high on sleeping pills or something to that effect when they were wiping the car of evidence and if anything was left behind, they’re done.

But today Dean is high on about every possible emotion and is trying to reason with Amber — who is more interested in flirting with Dean and knuckling down where he stands in Jai’s life.

It’s all very serious and Dean says he’s all in, but Amber’s still undecided.

But Willow the middleman puts in a good word for her old mate Dean, which is enough to sway Amber — the Queen of mixed messages — into granting Dean babysitting duties again.

“That kid means the world to Dean, don’t take advantage of that,” Willow says to Amber.

They hang out and talk about “gnarly moves”.

Back to the murder.

Sleuth Colby pretends to be Rosetta on the phone and has the report read out to him.

Lucky for them, the police didn’t find a “single trace” of DNA or evidence.

He’s so smug and informs Bella, who understandably is not so smug that her brother has flawless expertise in cleaning up a murder scene, which happened to be her fathers.

Colby the sleuth.
Camera IconColby the sleuth. Credit: Channel 7

Bella and Colby take things to the jetty which is a precursor that this is going to be massive.

“What I’m doing is keeping us safe,” Colby pleads with Bella.

But why Colby is preoccupied, Bella has the gift of foresight and can see that Colby’s ego is going to be his detriment.

The producers also prime us for Roo and Owen’s pending romance with some far fetched idea that Ryder is taking on too much responsibly helping Owen to connect with his recently deceased unknown twin brother.

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