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Headless ‘physique’ sparks major police operation in Germany

The discovery of an apparent headless body near a stream triggered a major police operation in southern Germany.

A passer-by spotted what appeared to be a clothed but headless corpse covered in blood lying by a stream in Remstal, near Stuttgart, on Monday evening.

A police cordon was set up around the area and 20 firefighters attended the scene to retrieve the body – only to find that it was a dummy.

“It really looked like a dead body,” a police spokesman said.

He added it was already dark too, and the first officers to arrive at the scene also believed it was a headless body.

It was only once firefighters got close enough that it was confirmed that it was not a corpse, German newspaper Bild reported.

Pictures showed the dummy dressed in a striped yellow and black long-sleeve top and jeans.

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