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Guardian anthem highlights child trauma

Heal For Life WA released an original song and video clip titled Guardian Angels on Monday night to bring awareness to issues surrounding childhood trauma.

The song and film clip was the product of a collaboration between Rock ‘n Roll High, 14-year-old singer Lucy Tartaglia and Firey Productions.

Heal For Life runs programs and camps to help survivors of child abuse and trauma.

Vice-chairwoman Penny Garvey said the foundation could not continue its work in the South West unless it attracted more funding and hoped the song would help to spread awareness of their cause.

“It is about our youth and about us listening to and empowering our youth, so we hope people resonate with the song,” she said.

“At the end of the day, we need money otherwise we cannot continue the good work that we do, and we do save lives.

“We are hoping people share the song and it will go around the world … and there might be one guardian angel out there who would like to come in as our partner and help us do the work we do.”

Louise and Ian Kirk from Rock ‘n Roll High used the testimonials from youth who participated in the programs to create the powerful three-minute song.

“Originally we started off with just the title Guardian Angels which Penny provided us,” Mr Kirk said.

“And I don’t think she realised it, but when we were walking back to our car after our first meeting she said guardian angels are ‘hand in hand, walking alongside’ so that was my first intro into how the song was going to develop lyrically.

“Lucy added her own vocal delivery and interpretation to the song which gave it a nice lift.”

The song is available on the Heal For Life WA Facebook page or can be purchased on iTunes, with all proceeds to go back into the foundation.

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