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Group takes credit for Vegas “Shoot a School Kid” billboard – The Denver Post

LAS VEGAS — A guerrilla art collective claimed credit Thursday for changing a freeway-side billboard inviting Las Vegas tourists to fire high-powered assault-style rifles to read, “Shoot A School Kid Only $29.”

The altered advertisement, which had said “Shoot a .50 caliber only $29,” was taken down within hours and police began an investigation after the vandalism was reported, Officer Larry Hadfield said.

An email statement from the activist group INDECLINE took credit for the protest.

A telephone caller who said he represents the group but refused to give his name provided the statement to The Associated Press.

It said the billboard action was to spur debate about “inadequate gun laws that are currently placing value on assault weapons over that of human life.”

INDECLINE also took credit for putting statues of a naked Donald Trump in cities around the country in 2016.

The man said the group provided a video to KTNV-TV showing at least two people wearing dark clothing scaling the billboard and pasting strips on the sign with the words “School Kid” and “Defend Lives Reform Laws.” A person climbing a ladder appeared to be wearing a wool mask.

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