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Great name! West Coast’s Nic Naitanui gifts Adelaide’s Reilly O’Brien new phone after win

From being “lazy and unfit” on the field, to generous and humorous off it.

Nic Naitanui ended an eventful few days of ruck rivalry by handing Reilly O’Brien a new $1500 phone, following the Adelaide big man’s now-infamous Twitter gaffe.


O’Brien’s mobile melted down on Thursday, resulting in an inadvertent tweet that revealed some of the Crow’s notes for trying to exploit the ruck match-up.




It included describing Naitanui as “lazy and unfit” – a claim Naitanui appeared to take notice of when he booted the Eagles’ first goal from a stoppage and pointed in O’Brien’s direction.

VideoWATCH: Nic Naitanui snapped a brilliant goal in the opening term against the Crows, and he let Reilly O’Brien know about it after the Twitter dig earlier in the week.

But after a fairly even ruck duel in West Coast’s comfortable win at the Gabba, Naitanui showed there was no ill-feeling and handed over a present to make sure there would be no repeat of a phone meltdown.

“It’s a brand-new Samsung, so it’s a better phone than I’ve got,” Naitanui said.

“I think it’s about $1500.

“I’m scared that people are going to keep talking smack every week to get a new phone.”

Naitanui said he had not taken the Twitter mistake to heart.

“He’s one of the nice guys. He didn’t mean any malice in it,” he said.

Naitanui won the hitout battle 24-12 to emerge victorious in the air against O’Brien, but the Crow did more around the ground to finish with 19 touches and seven tackles compared to the Eagle’s tallies of seven and three respectively.

After the match, Adelaide coach Matthew Nicks described Naitanui as “an amazing human being”.

“To be able to calm down at the end of all that competitive work and come over and give him a phone, I thought that was outstanding,” he said.

“I thought he played really well today against a very accomplished ruckman in Nic Nat.

“I thought they had a great battle. ROB mentioned at the first bounce he was staring him down and it was on but we know Nic Nat’s a competitor and he showed that on the field.

“There was a fair bit of passion in the way that he played and our guys tried to stand up for themselves.”

Eagles coach Adam Simpson also found the lighter side.

“I think they had a good battle, thought they both played well. And Nic pulled a phone out of his top drawer and handed it to him,” he said.

“Nic plays on edge. I think we were all thinking you’ve poked the bear. I think he’s been I really good form. He’s held up his end for every game. He’s having a good year.”

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