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Grandparents worry about grandchild’s welfare – The Denver Post

Dear Amy: My 28-year-old college educated adult child has a 3-year-old child who has no relationship at all with his other biological parent.

My adult child is currently in a live-in relationship with another person. My spouse and I see our grandchild often, both willingly and because we’re needed to help with child care during some work hours.

The significant other spends a fair amount of time alone with my grandchild.

I’ve seen and heard horror stories of abusive boyfriends/girlfriends and the harm they can commit not only to their significant others but to the children involved in those relationships.

I ask my grandchild from time to time if “so and so” is nice to them.

Every time the answer is basically this: NO, they are not. NO, they spank me. No, I get spanked on my butt and my cheek.

I have passed this information on to my adult child and the response is usually the same: The child’s parent doesn’t believe it.

My feeling is this: A 3-year-old cannot LIE about something like that.

What do I do?

— Worried Gram

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