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Golfer Patrick Cantlay’s crazily-long pre-shot routine irks viewers

22 times.

No, that’s not how often Patrick Cantlay used his putter in the first round of the PGA Championship on Friday morning.

Instead, it’s how many times he paused to look at the hole during an agonisingly long pre-shot routine that has been labelled a “disgrace”.

The 26-year-old American looked uneasy at Bellerive’s par three sixth hole, taking a staggering 40 seconds to take his shot from the moment of address.

Instead of taking his swing, he constantly wiggled his hips and checked the pin location 22 times as his patient playing partners looked on.

But the commentators were less patient, counting out the amount of times Cantlay looked up.

“He can’t get to 22,” one of the commentators said in disbelief.

“We’re having some fun with it but that is – honestly – that’s a disgrace.”

It’s standard for Cantlay, who has carved out a reputation as one of the slowest players on tour.

VideoWATCH: Patrick Cantlay is known for his long pre-shot routines, here he is looking a mere 12 times before he hits the ball. Source: Fox Sports.

Cantlay recovered his round to finish at two-under, four-shots behind leader Gary Woodland.

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