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George Floyd Protests: What Our Reporters Saw Around the Country

Hundreds of Chicagoans joined a march that zigzagged for miles throughout the North Side, passing Wrigley Field and eventually taking over Lake Shore Drive.

As they chanted George Floyd’s name, the protesters were cheered on by people who dangled signs out of their windows in a show of support. Chicago police stayed mostly out of sight, guiding the crowd down empty streets but keeping a low profile.

A citywide curfew beginning at 9 p.m. remained in effect as Chicago officials tried to contain disorder and looting that has occurred for several days.

Many demonstrators had heard of the vow by President Trump earlier Monday to deploy the military if necessary.

“It’s upsetting to see our president make threats against people exercising their First Amendment rights,” said Will Rogosin, 20, a student at DePaul University. “If we can’t protest peacefully, what can we do?”

“It doesn’t solve anything,” saidi Farai Madondo, 20, also a student. “You’re not giving us any options.”

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