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We’re probably more conscious of design when we travel. Not only are we in a heightened state of sensory awareness; the environment is speaking a foreign language, even when the people aren’t. Actually, that’s not true: a different dialect of the same basic design language is more accurate. Which is why we can appreciate good design, no matter where we find it. And even absorb its lessons.

What about here in WA? There’s an argument that good design is invisible design. Even if that’s not true, unless — just focussing on architecture and interior design for a moment — we’re building a new home, renovating an existing one or simply redecorating a room, we run the risk of being deaf not just to the so-called vernacular but the wonderful design innovations that are a part of our daily life.

“We all make daily design decisions — how we dress; the objects we buy and use; and the spaces and places we live in,” says DesignFreo: Object, Space, Place curator Pippa Hurst.

“Our design choices may be well considered or impulsive; they may be driven by need, price or aesthetics; but every decision has a legacy. And every choice has the potential to make our lives better, whether through simple moments of daily joy or long-term benefits that manifest over time.”

Object Space Place is a quiet exhibition, eschewing spectacle in favour of simplicity, subtlety and intimacy while elegantly showcasing the work of some of Fremantle’s best designers working in a range of disciplines. It’s also fun. And provocative, analysing aspects of our everyday existence and reassembling them in novel ways.

Read the full story in this Thursday’s Today liftout. For more information on this exhibition and concurrent exhibition Watch this space! visit the Fremantle Arts Centre website.

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