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Finding your feature wall fit

Often used to accentuate and complement a home’s style or add a point of interest to contrast with more subtle design elements – feature walls are a common, well, feature in many homes.

However, before they splash a wall with their favourite colour, homebuilders should consider if a wall is the right choice for a feature, and if colour is the best route to achieve what they desire.

Speaking to New Homes, Webb & Brown-Neaves Innovation and New Product Designer Joseph Calasara said there were a few ways you could create a feature wall.

“There is using a colour that is complementary to the style and concept of the house, as well as selecting a material which provides texture, patterns, tactility and excitement,” he said.

“In terms of colours and materials, my thought is any feature wall should create overall cohesiveness with the interior and exterior spaces.”

Feature walls can benefit both design and functionality, according to Mr Calasara.

“It creates a focal point in a space or a room which tells a story of the people living in it,” he said.

“It creates impact in how the space looks and feels, and reinforces the style and design of the house. It brings soul to a room and provides a visual contrast.

“It also separates and divides the space.”

Mr Calasara said any room could have a feature wall, but cautioned home DIY decorators to proceed with caution, as the wrong colour or texture could potentially result in a distracting rather than harmonious feature.

“Do the feature wall in the right room and be careful with small and crowded spaces, as feature walls in these rooms will not be as effective as they should be,” he said.

“It can be overwhelming and will be too much in a small space.”

To create the ideal context for a feature wall, Mr Calasara said to make the rest of the walls in the room simple and neutral to allow the feature wall to be the highlight.

“Do not select a wall randomly, and make sure it is the right room to have one,” he said.

“Emphasise a single idea and make it a hero rather than a mix of different ideas or materials.”

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