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Federal election 2019: Why I take my voting responsibility very seriously

Only two sleeps to go.

And then after a wait that seems longer than negotiating that stretch of Thomas Street in morning rush hour, I get to go and vote.

Yes yes, I know, I could have joined the millions of Australians who will have taken advantage of the chance to vote before then.

But to me pre-poll voting takes away some of the anticipation, not to mention I think there is a looming problem with the concept — the fate of the nation could be in the hands of people who had their say without knowing all the facts. But that debate is one for another time.

For now let’s focus on election day.

Aside from the fact that it is compulsory to vote, it is of course not just our right, but our duty as residents of a country which is fortunate enough to be able to call itself a democracy.

And I accept I may be in the minority here, but I reckon it’s an enjoyable experience.

If you think about what it means, perhaps it is even uplifting.

I truly enjoy wandering down to the community hall at the end of my street, which is inevitably festooned with balloons of the various parties, signs and enthusiastic volunteers handing out how-to-vote cards.

Sometimes I feel I need to take one from all of them just to show I acknowledge their efforts, because I reckon anyone committed enough to work for something they believe in should be recognised.

But even when I have turned down the card on offer, I can happily report I have never had a cross word back in reply.

My House of Representatives choices are usually done pretty quickly, with only a few boxes to number.

The Senate is where the real action is. I number all my choices from the end to 1.

It is extremely satisfying to put the craziest or most odd-ball candidate last.

In case you hadn’t noticed, I take this caper seriously, and even though my one vote may not make a difference, I want to make sure I know I have done what I think is best.

Then it is on to election night in front of the TV, with the front door locked, phone on silent, the odd cool beverage and hopefully some takeaway tucker.

But there may be a problem with the routine this week.

I’m fearful that I will have to turn on the telly well before the WA polls close to make sure I’m watching if the expected swing becomes clear and result becomes evident early on.

And so the biggest question is this. Will my favourite pizza joint be open before 4pm?

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