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Evian to use 100% recycled plastic bottles by 2025

Drinks firm Evian has announced all its bottles will be made of 100% recycled plastic by 2025.

The company says it plans to become what it calls a “circular brand”, with all the plastic it uses being “kept within the economy and out of nature”.

Currently, its bottles only contain 25% recycled plastic, even though all are recyclable.

Evian is being assisted by the Ellen MacArthur Foundation, set up by the British sailor who circled the globe in 2005.

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The move is the latest to come in the wake of campaigns such as Sky Ocean Rescue, which aim to highlight the damage plastics cause to the world’s seas and coastlines.

Sky’s science correspondent Thomas Moore said the move was an important one.

He said: “This is quite significant. Bottled water is a massive consumer of plastic and in many ways is the enemy.

“But for them to commit to closing the loop is excellent. It supports a secondary market for recycled plastic.”

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Another drinks manufacturer, Coca Cola, has said it wants a deposit return scheme to be introduced to cut plastic waste as it says it is not able to use fully recycled bottles.

Moore added: “The question to ask is whether they (Evian) will back a deposit scheme on bottles to increase recycling rates. Coke came out in support of one because they could not get enough plastic for their own recycling targets.”

Evian said it plans to work with recyclers, such as Veolia, to acquire sufficient plastic for its needs, and with documentary makers to raise awareness of the need to recycle.

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Global brand director Patricia Oliva said: “Rooted in its pioneering spirit and long-lasting commitment towards sustainability, Evian will drive a step-change to address the critical issue of plastic.

“We want to use the power of our global brand to take a leadership position, drive collaboration across the industry and, together with partners, transform our approach to plastic.

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“We’re committed to move the mindset of today’s generation from ‘we can’ to ‘we do’.”

:: Find out more about Sky Ocean Rescue.

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