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Eliminating the chill factor | The West Australian

On cold winter days, you might yearn for the cosy feeling and warmth provided by a fireplace – not only does it heat up the room, it can also act as a distinct centrepiece.

According to Stannard Homes General Manager Glenn Stannard, fireplaces in Western Australia have been gaining popularity in recent years.

“We find they are a focal point and give a wonderful sense of calm and seclusion,” he said. “Everyone dreams of snuggling up next to a warm fire in winter.”

There are a few different types of fireplaces available to use in a home, with each coming with their own benefits.

“There are so many options to choose from these days, so take the time to find one which complements the design and style of your home,” Mr Stannard said.

“Open wood fires are very exciting but require more work and effort, and you must be cautious to always use a screen due to the ability for coals to shoot out.

“Combustion fires and naked combustion fires are very popular now, with a stunning mix of designs available.

“They have a slower burn, give excellent thermal benefits and can often run through the night safely as they are enclosed, keeping your home perfectly warm through the colder months.

“Ethanol fires are a new clean-burning fire which are also growing in popularity and offer a great range of modern designs, but keep in mind they generally won’t provide the level of heating as most other fireplaces and therefore are best used internally.”

When deciding which type of fireplace would best suit your home and lifestyle, Mr Stannard said wood fires were cheaper to run and could heat a large area, while gas heaters were easy to turn on and off and provide instant heat.

“Gas and biofuel fireplaces can fit into spaces that some traditional wood fireplaces would not be suitable,” he said.

Mr Stannard said after choosing a fireplace, there were a few things to keep in mind when it came to its installation.

“With any fireplace the most important factor is that it is installed by a professional and doesn’t create a fire hazard to the rest of the home,” he said. “Australia has several standards and requirements in place to keep you and your family safe.

“Those requirements will vary depending on the type you choose, so always do your research before purchasing.”

Mr Stannard said he had a particular affinity for fireplaces, with three different types in his own family home and most of Stannard Homes’ displays including a fireplace.

“They were selected for a specific purpose but ultimately they all create that cosy, dreamy setting which is simply lovely to be around in winter,” he said.

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