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Eli Manning? No method. But how about Kirk Cousins or Sam Darnold as Broncos quarterback?

Bring quarterback Eli Manning to Denver. Make his jersey number 18.1. There would be lots of happy fans. I’ve got too many jerseys of former Denver QBs hanging in my closet.

Bob, even kept old No. 6

Kiz: Manning was the right answer for Broncos in 2012. In 2018? Not so much. If John Elway wants to spend big bucks on a veteran quarterback, give chase to Kirk Cousins, who’s seven years younger than Eli. And to find a franchise quarterback, Elway will have to wager a draft choice. With the fifth overall pick in the NFL draft, the Broncos select Sam Darnold of USC. Dare we dream?

I dream of a 2018 Broncos team led by coach Jim Harbaugh and quarterback Andrew Luck. Should I go back to bed?

Joshua, Glen Allen, Va.

Kiz: For some crazy reason, your dream immediately brought to mind a classic Three Dog Night song that we used to sing on the bus while riding home from middle school. With your kind permission, I’ve subbed your name for Jeremiah, and this is what I sing now: “Joshua was a bullfrog. Was a good friend of mine. I never understood a single word he said. But I helped him a-drink his wine. And he always had some mighty fine wine.”

I lay most of the blame for this dismal season at Elway’s feet. He put together this team, made the draft selections and chose not to renew contracts for valuable players and coaches. I am still in a daze about letting Wade Phillips go as defensive coordinator. Add to that Elway’s recent back-pedaling on his “soft” comment. While I understand he might have wanted to create some we’ll-show-them response, Elway never initially said he was included in the “soft” group.

Linda, calling out No. 7

Kiz: Nobody has ever mistaken Elway for soft. But he does get mad about losing. So here’s thinking Elway will show some of his Denver Softies the door when this wretched NFL season finally ends.

Kiz, in your rankings of Denver sports teams, shouldn’t the Furniture Row Racing team have been ranked No. 1? They deserve it. If only our other major-league sports teams performed at such a high level for the whole season, and were at their best when it counted most, as Martin Truex, Jr. was.

Jim, pedal to the metal

Kiz: Truex got r done, as they used to say at the highest-banked five-eighths of a mile track in the world, where I watched the late-model sports car racing as a kid in Tennessee. So here’s a mile-high salute to Truex for winning the NASCAR championship. For his next trick, could he play a home game in Colorado? I’d go watch ’em turn left, wouldn’t you?

And today’s parting shots are two responses to a burger review I posted on social media: “In-N-Out = Ho-N-Hum. Not a bad burger. But no big deal.”

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