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Electrician takes pride in bringing holiday cheer in Pueblo – The Denver Post

By Anthony A. Mestas, The Associated Press

PUEBLO — At night, during the holidays from his home out on the St. Charles Mesa, Dennis Baca can see the glimmering warm white lights placed on the dome of the historic Pueblo County Courthouse.

Most people in the Steel City — if they know where to look — can see the lights, too, but the glow is a little more special for Baca.

“It’s definitely nice because I can see that everyone in Pueblo can see these lights that I put up. That makes me feel good,” Baca said standing on the roof of the recently adorned building.

Baca has been the county’s maintenance electrician for 18 years. The Christmas lighting is only one of the many jobs he does, but he says it’s one of his favorites.

“It’s something I enjoy. It’s beautiful at the top of this building. I can see my house and the whole town,” Baca said.

Baca, who uses a safety harness on the dome and repels around it to add the lighting, said there’s nothing scary about his vertigo-inducing workday, something that is anything but normal to most people.

“Me, scared of heights? No way,” he said shaking his head.

“I can’t be.”

This year, Baca switched 11 watt incandescent light bulbs to 2.5 watt LED light bulbs on the dome.

“It’s a polycarbonate, so hopefully I won’t have to change them again up here. They are rated 100,000 hours, which turns out to be 50 years,” Baca said.

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