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Drawing a younger crowd | The West Australian

Celebrated as Perth’s eclectic port city, Fremantle is characterised by its heritage architecture, bustling markets and iconic restaurant venues.

Thanks to the Walyalup Koort redevelopment and the revival of many public and private areas throughout the city, more homebuyers are looking to call the seaside town home.

“There’s definitely a lot of younger couples moving to Fremantle,” FremantleCo Director Rebekah Vos-Jamieson said.

“I’ve noticed a trend where a lot of the North Perth and Mount Lawley crew are buying this way, and I’ve had quite a few sales from younger couples now that Fremantle and South Fremantle are filled with new bars and entertainment venues – there’s just so much action now.”

According to City of Fremantle Councillor Adin Lang, Fremantle has undergone record investment over the past five years and features multiple award-winning entertainment venues and public spaces.

“When you go to Gage Roads Brewing Company, The Old Synagogue or Bread in Common, you’re sitting in a building that is rich in history, which gives off that beautiful charm Fremantle has,” he said. “There’s always something new and exciting opening up, which is why so many homebuyers are attracted to the area.

“From the walkability element to the character and old architecture, it attracts more people to come to Fremantle.”

Seeing plenty of growth in the past year, the median house price in Fremantle is sitting pretty at $950,000 – a whopping 21.6 per cent increase.

“Young people seem to be spending more on homes than they were,” Ms Vos-Jamieson said. “I’m seeing first homebuyers spending $900,000-$950,000 on a house, whereas first homebuyer money used to be around $450,000.”

It’s not just the pints and parmigianas driving homebuyers to the area, Mr Lang said new office spaces were also attracting professionals.

“Fremantle’s highest foot traffic is between Friday, Saturday and Sunday, and we identified that Monday to Thursday is very quiet in Fremantle,” he said.

“We realised that we needed people working in our CBD, and we needed more people living in our CBD.

“We recognised the importance of the seven-day economy and that’s where the record investment came in for Kings Square, where the Myer building was turned into office space to bring in 2000 new workers.”

Instead of a long commute to work, Mr Lang said Fremantle’s transportation nodes were designed primarily on walkability.

“Fremantle is really blessed in the sense that it was built before the car was invented,” he said.

“The people who planned Fremantle designed it around walking, and Fremantle is still such a walkable city today.

“I live in the middle of Fremantle and I own a car but I hardly ever drive, I walk into town.

“You do not need to drive your car in Fremantle, you can ride your bike or get the bus.”

Ms Vos-Jamieson predicts Fremantle will continue to grow in popularity with no signs of slowing down.

“I think it’s only going to be onwards and upwards from here,” she said.

“A few people were veering away from Fremantle in the heavy construction phase but, as central Fremantle has now settled down, more people are wanting to be in the area and making the most of the new facilities.”

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