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Donations flow from Esperance for NSW fire victims

A truck full of bedding, clothing and baby items arrived in Kalgoorlie-Boulder yesterday, en-route to their final destination in fire-ravaged New South Wales.

The Esperance community have opened their hearts and donated seven pallets worth of goods, which will be trucked over east in the coming weeks to help those affected by the blazes.

For Sue Rowell, it is a cause close to home.

“My brother and sister-in-law are volley firefighters and have been fighting fires in Tamworth for the past eight weeks,” she said.

“They just keep flaring up.”

And she knows first-hand how frightening bushfires can be, having been evacuated from her home during the fires which devastated Esperance in 2015. “We lived in the shop for four days,” she said.

“Having all of your worldly possessions in the back of your car — and having 10 minutes to decide what makes the cut — it’s traumatic. People don’t realise how traumatic it is.”

“And some of these people will be going back to nothing.

“This is just a first port of call so they can focus on what they do tomorrow, not if they have a clean pair of socks or clothes to put on their children.

“It’s just one less thing off their mind.”

The donations will be added to the growing pile of goods accumulating at the Kalgoorlie Camp School.

They will be taken across the Nullarbor in a matter of weeks.

Mrs Rowell said the response from the Esperance community had been overwhelming, with some even parting with treasured items in the hope they would bring comfort to those in need.

“Their support has just been incredible,” she said. “They are just amazing.”

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