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Donald Trump traitor website goes viral after Rudy Giuliani Twitter typo

Donald Trump’s lawyer Rudy Giuliani is furious after he inadvertently made an anti-Trump website go viral.

The Twitter storm began when the former New York mayor made a typo in a tweet criticising the Russia investigation, omitting a space and accidentally creating a hyperlink.

The link G-2.In — an Indian domain — was not an active website, so Twitter prankster Jason Velazquez decided to buy it and create a webpage that read: “Donald J. Trump is a traitor to our country.”

He announced the move on the platform, writing: “Rudy didn’t separate g-20 from .in so ya boy bought the domain.”

It was an immediate hit.

media_cameraRudy Giuliani was not pleased to learn he’d created a website insulting his boss Donald Trump. Picture: AFP Photo / Don Emmert

Mr Giuliani’s original tweet has now gained almost 50,000 likes and 17,000 retweets — but the wealthy lawyer was not impressed, lashing out at the social network.

“Twitter allowed someone to invade my text with a disgusting anti-President message,” he wrote, suggesting he had not created the link himself.

Twitter denied any involvement and Mr Giuliani’s response drew ridicule, particularly in light of the fact he is the President’s cybersecurity adviser.

One user said the Republican politician was “turning a typo into a full on conspiracy theory tonight” while another said it was a case of “Grampa Can’t Understand the Internet”.

Just for good measure, Mr Velasquez then edited the site to add a link to a recent story on Special Counsel Robert Mueller’s investigation, explaining that he wanted to ensure his prank didn’t distract from the serious issues.

Be on the lookout for more updates to the website Mr Giuliani never intended to invent.

We’re going to hazard a guess Mr Trump won’t have enjoyed this joke.

Originally published as ‘Traitor’: Trump lawyer’s Twitter error

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