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‘Do not look away’: Art exhibition draws on horror of Ukraine war

An Albany artist’s latest exhibition asks viewers to confront the horrors of the war in Ukraine.

Liane Shavian’s exhibition of abstract paintings, now on show at Gallery 500, takes its subject matter from the destruction occurring in Ukraine.

She said her use of this raw inspiration was intended to reflect the impact the war has had on witnesses.

“My emotive abstracts attempt to convey our soul-destroying shock and horror when witnessing the devastation of war in Ukraine,” Shavian said.

“They are deliberately weird and distorted in order to provoke the viewer into feeling what the people who inhabit the paintings feel.”

She uses a collage technique to create some of the artworks, which involves her destroying her own existing artworks.

“It seemed most fitting to use my fusion technique of creative destruction in creating this series, where I seek out potently relevant images from my other paintings, and of necessity, destroy those canvases in order to incorporate those fragments into my new canvas,” she said.

Shavian said this technique was displayed in her work Collateral Damage.

“The distorted faces of the three overlooking witnesses to war literally force the viewers’ eyes to shift their physical focus and minds to a new perception of the shattered psyches of those who are terrorised, displaced and disembodied by the all pervasive horror of death and destruction that is war,” she said.

“Do not look away.”

War is now on display at Gallery 500.

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