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DIY landscaping or hire a skilled?

Landscaping can be an expensive additional cost when building, but, if poorly executed or left unfinished, may detract from the functionality and polished look of your new home.

According to Bunnings Landscape Buyer Mark Taylor, utilising a professional landscaper or doing it yourself are both viable options, depending on the homeowners’ capabilities and desire to undertake what can be a big job, their budget and the size of the outdoor space.

“A professional landscaper will provide valuable expertise, help save you time and work with you to achieve your garden vision,” he said.

“They provide experience and knowledge in understanding how to present the best in your garden, make important considerations of plants types, climate, soil types, colour and styles, and work with you to deliver a functional garden design that considers what will work best in areas of sun and shade.

“If gardening is not your passion or you just want to create the best-looking garden in your street, a landscaper is a great option to save you time and effort.

“This, of course, does come at a higher cost than if you were to do it yourself.”

Those who choose the do-it-yourself (DIY) route need to remember that it will take time to plan and design the garden, but there are online resources available to help and provide tips to complete the project.

“Anyone who enjoys spending time in the garden is well suited to landscaping their garden,” Mr Taylor said.

“Doing your own landscaping will save you money, however you may have some initial costs to start your project such as buying garden tools and resources like gardening books.

“Plants and materials may cost more than if you were using a landscaper, as they will have negotiated prices with suppliers they regularly work with.”

Mr Taylor said, overall, those who DIY would save money, as they were not paying a landscaper for their time and expertise.

“Doing your own landscaping can produce a similar result if you are willing to invest the time and resources into planning and research,” he said.

“Your level of gardening and landscaping experience and skill level will also influence the design and outcome of your garden.”

Having a nice garden can be rewarding and make a home feel complete, while adding functionality and creating a space that can be used to entertain friends and family.

“Time in the garden is good for your health, there is lots of research that shows the benefits of spending time in your garden and connecting with nature,” Mr Taylor said.

“A well-thought out garden can also hide or enhance many aspects of your home – this could be for privacy or to highlight the entrance to your home.

“Having a great-looking garden will elevate the exterior of your house and will add value to your property.”

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