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Denver Nuggets attribute hot shooting numbers to less practice

Will Barton now understands Allen Iverson’s infamous “We talkin’ about practice” rant.

“Man, playing 40 (minutes) every night and then you gotta practice?” Barton said. “I might have said that too … Good teams don’t practice during this time of year. You don’t got time for that. You need fresh legs.”

Barton isn’t the only Nuggets player to reach this conclusion. He connects Denver’s recent offensive resurgence to its decline in organized team work on off days. Though schematic and lineup tweaks have also aided the Nuggets’ offensive revitalization during their current 6-2 stretch, coach Michael Malone agrees the lack of practice time has helped.

“As a coach, sometimes you can try to win the battle and lose the war,” Malone said. “(You can say to yourself), ‘I’m bringing them in and we’re working today. We got two hours in.’ Then you come out the next night in a game and you look flat…

“You always have to be aware of where your team is at, what’s coming down the pike and try to help them navigate those rough waters when they present themselves.”

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