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Denver mother and daughter reeling from loss of husband and son in wreck caused by wrong-way driver on I-25 – The Denver Post

For 20-year-old Salma Ramirez, the tragedy is unbearable.

The path forward is unimaginable.

On Saturday, Salma Ramirez lost her father, Miguel, and her brother, Michael, in a fatal car wreck. Her mother, Maria, is hospitalized with multiple broken bones and a neck injury.

Now, Salma Ramirez, a junior at the University of Denver, is planning a double funeral service for her father and brother while overseeing her mother’s medical needs and worrying about the family’s bills, said Jacqueline Jeske, a family friend.

“She’s trying to be stronger than anyone ought to have to be at 20,” Jeske said.

On Saturday evening, Miguel Ramirez and his children had picked up Maria Ramirez from her job at a local hotel and were driving home to Thornton. The family’s Honda CRV was struck head-on by a car traveling the wrong way on Interstate 25, the Colorado State Patrol reported.

Miguel Ramirez died at the scene, and Michael Ramirez was pronounced dead at Denver Health medical center. Maria is still recovering at a hospital. Salma is sore and bruised but was not hospitalized, Jeske said.

Kimberly Rodriguez Roldan, 24, of Denver was driving the Jeep that struck the Ramirez’s CRV. She also was hospitalized for injuries she suffered in the wreck. The cause remains under investigation.

On Tuesday, Jeske, who is from Snowhomish, Wash., met with the media to speak on behalf of the Ramirez family. Her daughter, Claire Jeske, is Salma Ramirez’s roommate, and the two families had become friends since their daughters moved in together during their freshman year.

When they met, Miguel Ramirez had assured the Jeske family that he would look out for their daughter, Claire Jeske, while she attended college in Denver. Since then, the families have met for dinner whenever the Jeskes are in town, and they play cards and board games with each other at their daughter’s apartments.

“Miguel said, ‘She will be our second daughter,’” Jeske said.

The Ramirez family was known for being religious, generous and dedicated to each other, Jeske said. The Ramirez parents worked hourly-wage jobs and were of modest means. But that didn’t stop them from giving to others. Miguel Ramirez was respected in his community, and friends and co-workers sought his advice and mentorship, she said.

“This is a family that is deeply connected in the community and lives a life of quiet service in small ways to all they know,” Jeske said. “This example was set by Miguel, who is known for his hard work ethic, generosity and absolute dedication to his family.”

Miguel, 47, and Maria Ramirez had been together since their early 20s. The family attend St. Anthony of Padua Catholic Church.

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